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Secondary Market Listing Policies

PLEASE NOTE: Given the recent death of Michael Ricker, secondary market policies and processes are being reviewed and changes may be made. WE ARE CURRENTLY NOT ACCEPTING NEW LISTINGS AT THIS TIME.

Thank you for your interest in listing a sculpture on the Secondary Market for re-sale to our Web site visitors. It's important that you understand the policies for placing a sculpture for sale online, so please read the following policies and listing guidelines carefully before submitting your listing. There is a link at the bottom of this page to begin the listing process once you've read the policies.

  • Please note that we cannot provide specific guidance relating to the selling price of your private collection.
  • Secondary Market listings are for closed Limited Editions sculptures only. If you are interested in selling active Limited Edition sculptures (still available from the Casting Studio at issue price), a 'lot' or 'set' of sculptures that you wish to sell together (for example, a complete collection of clowns), or wish to sell Park City, Olympic, or other General Merchandise that was not a Limited Edition, you should place a CLASSIFIED AD instead. We will consider listing complete Limited Edition series if the entire series is closed and none of the sculptures are available at issue price. 
  • Secondary Market listings must have an asking price (the price you wish to receive for your sculpture) at or above the original issue price of the listed sculpture. If you have the need to sell your sculptures below the issue price or are advertising an 'Estate Sale', you should place a CLASSIFIED AD.
  • You may list only one sculpture at a time through this form. If you have more than five items you wish to list, please email us at and we will coordinate a special page for you to submit your listings through. If you wish to list more than ten items, we may offer quantity discounts on the Listing Fees at our sole discretion.
  • As a seller, you will pay a 'Listing Fee'. The Listing Fee is based on the asking price and the schedule is currently as follows:
     Asking Price (Amount you wish to receive for the sale)
     Listing fee
     Up to $199


     $200 - $399


     $400 - $599


     $600 - $999


     $1000 - $1499


     $1500 - $2499 


     $2500 + 


  • From your Asking Price, a 23% commission will be added to create the Listing Price. This Listing Price is the amount that the sculpture will sell for on the Web site and this commission is paid by the buyer.
  • For each sculpture that has an active Secondary Market listing, the LOWEST LISTING PRICE will be the established selling price. If more than one listing is available for a particular sculpture, the selling prices will change as the lowest priced sculpture is sold. Therefore, your listing will not be 'Active' unless it is the lowest current listing price for that particular sculpture.
  • For exampe, if your Asking Price is $150 you will pay a Listing Fee of $15. Upon approval for listing, the Listing Price will be set at $184.50. If this would be the lowest current Listing Price, the selling price of that sculpture would be set at that price and your listing would be 'Active'. If there is a lower Listing Price, your listing would be 'Queued' in the order of lowest to highest Listing Price and would become 'Active' when it becomes the lowest Listing Price.
  • Your listing will remain active until your sculpture sells or for one year from when your sculpture becomes Active. If your sculpture has been Active for one year and has not yet sold, you will be notified and may re-submit your listing at the same or a different price. Your renewed listing will be subject to current Listing Fees at the time of renewal.
  • You may remove your listing from the market at any time by contacting us via email. However, the Listing Fee is non-refundable.
  • If you wish to modify your Asking Price (which would therefore adjust the Listing Price) you may do so ONCE during the one-year period. If you wish to adjust your price again after the one-time grace adjustment, you will need to cancel your listing and then re-submit your listing with your new price, subject to current the current Listing Fee schedule.
  • You must notify us of any changes in your address, email, or other contact information. We cannot be responsible for sales that transpire and must be cancelled due to our inability to contact you.
  • Upon a sale, the process is as follows:
    • You will be notified via email or telephone that a collector has purchased your sculpture through our service.
    • The new buyer will provide us with a 50% deposit on the sculpture. Your listing will become Pending in our system and will then be removed as an Active listing.
    • You will ship (at your expense) the sculpture to us at the address we provide you at the time of the transaction. We will inspect the sculpture and warrant that it is in re-sallable condition. If repairs are necessary, you will be notified and will be responsible for any repair fees necessary to bring the sculpture to a fair condition for re-sale.
    • We will then collect the remaining balance from the new buyer, re-register the sculpture in their name, and ship it to them. These fees are either covered through your listing fee or paid by the buyer - there are no additional fees to the seller beyond the listing fee.
    • Upon confirmation of receipt of the sculpture, the buyer will have 72 hours to contact us of any problems. We warrant the sculpture to be in used but re-sellable condition on your behalf. If there are any problems, we will mediate any necessary factors.
    • Upon successful acceptance of the sculpture, we will then send you a check for your Asking Price of the sculpture.
    • If for any reason the transaction cannot be completed, we will mediate with you for return of the sculpture (or possible storage if possible for an additional fee) and re-list your sculpture for the duration of the stated listing period within these terms.
  • All communication regarding your listing should be sent to

PLEASE NOTE: Given the recent death of Michael Ricker, secondary market policies and processes are being reviewed and changes may be made. WE ARE CURRENTLY NOT ACCEPTING NEW LISTINGS AT THIS TIME.